13th December 2021
A Quick Guide To Commercial Carpet Tiles For Offices

Commercial carpet tiles are a popular choice for businesses when it comes to selecting flooring for offices. It's important to invest in hard-wearing office carpet to ensure it lasts for years in spite of heavy footfall, and tiles are a fantastic choice. Let's take a look at the many benefits of commercial carpet tiles for offices.

Stylish And Versatile

There is a huge variety of colours, patterns and styles available in our range of commercial carpet tiles. This makes it easy to achieve a look that perfectly matches your business and brand. Carpet tiles also allow you to create different zones within open-plan commercial spaces.

Efficient Sound Absorption

Compared to lino, laminate and hardwood flooring, commercial carpet tiles offer excellent levels of sound-proofing. The carpet inhibits acoustic travel by absorbing and muting noise and footsteps. This is ideal for large, open-plan environments which are susceptible to high noise levels.

Comfortable Cushion Backing

When it comes to carpet tiles, office use demands that they be both durable and comfortable. The cushioned backing of commercial carpet tiles makes them more comfortable to walk on compared to hard flooring options. Plus, the cushioning absorbs the impact of foot traffic to reduce noise and increase the lifespan of the carpet.

Anti-static Technology To Reduce The Risk Of Shocks

Commercial carpet tiles for offices are constructed with anti-static conductive fibres to minimise the risk of static shocks. Although static shocks rarely cause harm, they can be dangerous or cause damage to delicate electronics in extreme instances. Offices accumulate a great deal of static electricity, which is why anti-static carpet tiles are so important.

Excellent Thermal Efficiency

Carpet is a natural insulator and can help to boost the thermal efficiency of a space by inhibiting heat loss through the floor. Not only will commercial carpet tiles help your office space feel warmer, but they could also help to save on energy bills by reducing the amount of energy needed to maintain a comfortable temperature.

Industrial Office Carpet Tiles With Waterproof Benefits

Some of the heavy-duty carpet tiles we have available are waterproof to keep them protected against spills. This is ideal for industrial environments or spaces where the risk of spills is particularly high.

Easy Replacement And Repair

Although hardwearing office carpet is fairly resistant to damage, sometimes accidents happen and flooring can get marked, stained, discoloured or torn. With carpet tiles, it's possible to simply remove and replace the damaged tiles without having to pull up the entire floor, which means repairs can be rectified quickly and affordably.

If you think the benefits of carpet tiles are right for your business, be sure to get in touch with us at First Point Flooring to discover more about the hard-wearing office carpet solutions we have available.


Image Source: Unsplash