Firstpoint Flooring are commercial carpet suppliers and flooring contractors based in south-west Scotland, providing bespoke flooring solutions to businesses and organisations throughout Glasgow, Ayrshire, and Edinburgh. Carpets are found in every retail, commercial, and public environment and, unlike home carpets, are expected to withstand rigorous foot traffic (with shoes) day in, day out, in all weather conditions.

To provide the resilience required by a commercial carpet, care must be taken in choosing the right products and installation methods, in order to avoid damage and premature wear and tear.

Meeting Room Carpet Flooring

A Bespoke Solution For Each Customer

We work with our customers to provide a wide range of commercial carpets for colleges, schools, universities, shops, leisure centres, offices, and other buildings, combining attractiveness with durability and practicality for the best value solution. We take each customer’s individual needs into account when recommending products, and always supply several potential solutions from which to choose.

We are happy to combine carpeting products from different manufacturers for different areas of your building – e.g. a luxury carpet in your boardroom, with a more hard wearing solution in your call centre.

Carpet Flooring

Our Services

We provide a comprehensive flooring service that covers measurements and design, through to floor fitting and ongoing maintenance. As one of Glasgow’s leading flooring companies, we pride ourselves on our attentive customer service, our breadth of choice in our supplier partnerships, and our commitment to innovative and efficient installation techniques.

  • Commercial flooring design and consultancy – advising you on the best flooring products, materials, and layouts for different areas of your building.

  • Product supply and installation – we work with the UK’s leading flooring manufacturers to offer you the best choice of luxury and hard-wearing carpets for your application, with fast availability and affordable prices. Our team of flooring contractors and project management team are experienced in commercial installations and have a wealth of knowledge in installation processes and techniques. This empowers us to install your carpet quickly and efficiently, preparing your subfloor correctly, conducting a full tidy up, and giving you a transparent handover with all the details of your installation and warranty.

  • Ongoing maintenance – our carpet solutions are installed to the highest standard and will last you many years, but every carpet benefits from periodic cleaning and maintenance to sustain its appearance and prevent damage. We offer flexible ongoing maintenance contracts for all our flooring products, as well as phone-based technical support, free advice, and emergency repairs if required.

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