22nd April 2022
A Room-by-Room Guide to The Best Contract Flooring Solutions For Offices

When you're designing your office space, there is so much to take into consideration. You may be so busy thinking about the layout of your space and considering colour theory that you forget how important flooring can be. As you are selecting office flooring materials, both form and function should be important factors - here we will look at the best flooring for each area of your office.

Reception Areas

Your reception area might be thought of as the “face” of your building. It's the first place your customer will see, and so it should look high end and attractive, giving the best first impression to your clients and customers. However, there's also a practical element that must be considered - as the reception is often the area with the highest footfall. One of the best choices is luxury vinyl tile flooring, as it looks great and can withstand a high level of foot traffic.

Office Area

The office area is another space in which aesthetics matter. Your flooring should match with your overall branding and aesthetic, while also reducing noise pollution. The right choice of flooring can help to absorb excess background noise to improve employee focus, while still withstanding heavy footfall. For these reasons, office carpet tiles are one of the best options for this space.

Conference Rooms

Your conference rooms are where some of the most important meetings take place. This might be with a future employee, clients or stakeholders. Because of this, these rooms should put your best face forward - and luxury carpets can do this with ease.


Kitchen areas are another part of your office that will have a high volume of use and footfall, as nearly every employee will use the kitchen daily. The important thing in the kitchen is to choose flooring which has a high level of resistance to spills and burns, due to food and hot water being used. Vinyl flooring is the best choice for these areas, as it is very robust.

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With this in mind, it should be a little bit easier to make the best choices for your office space. Your flooring should be one of the best features of your office, and if you need any help then get in touch with First Point Flooring. We are experienced in providing contract flooring solutions for all types of office environments, from contract kitchen flooring to contract carpet and contract vinyl flooring. Let us know how we can help you with your flooring needs.

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Image Source: Pexels