3rd April 2023
5 Benefits Of An Optimal Industrial Linoleum Flooring For Hospitals

When deciding on the flooring for hospitals, there are a lot of factors that come into play. To account for the heavy footfall and standard of cleanliness required in a hospital, industrial linoleum flooring is the best option. So, read on to find out more about using industrial linoleum flooring for hospitals and all the benefits that it can offer.

1. Reduce Slips, Trips, And Falls (STFs)

In a hospital, the last thing you want is more injuries, or for the building to cause potential hazards. One of the benefits of industrial linoleum flooring is that it helps to reduce any slips, trips or falls.

2. Reduce Patient And Staff Injuries Associated With Falls

In a similar vein, the reduction of any slips and falls that the flooring can provide means that there is much less chance of unnecessary injuries on the property. Patients can move around the hospital or be transported to various areas without the risk of accidents. Reducing hazards also means doctors can go about their jobs more easily and without potential issues.

3. Reduce Noise Levels

A hospital is a thriving space where it is pivotal that people can be heard clearly. Doctors need to be able to communicate quickly and efficiently. Your choice of flooring can be a big help to this when it comes to reducing noise levels and therefore creating a much better working environment that is conducive to helping patients and doctors alike.

4. Linoleum Flooring Is More Durable And Resilient

When it comes to everyday activity in a hospital, the last thing on anyone’s mind is protecting the floor. It is a busy environment where looking after patients comes first. For this reason, you need a floor that is durable and resilient. The best option for this is industrial linoleum flooring which is strong enough to last even with the heavy use it undergoes.

5. Reduce Surface Contamination And Potential Risk Of Healthcare-Associated Infections (HAIs)

In a hospital, reducing the chance of accidents is the most important thing. Choosing industrial linoleum flooring means that there is much lower chance of contamination and cleaning can be carried out more easily.

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