22nd December 2021
The Best Commercial Carpet Tiles For High Traffic Areas

Different types of carpet tiles have different benefits and lifespans. When it comes to choosing commercial carpet tiles for offices, you'll want to ensure the tiles installed in high traffic areas are durable and hard-wearing enough to account for heavy footfall and exposure to dirt. Let's take a look at what makes for a hard-wearing office carpet.

Durable Nylon And Wool Fibre

Natural wool and manmade nylon fibres both make for hard-wearing office carpets. They're incredibly durable in high-traffic areas and offer excellent longevity. Plus, they're resistant to staining when treated with a protective coating. This makes them ideal for use in areas where spills are common.

Wool tends to have a more luxurious appearance than nylon, but it is often a little more expensive. If you have a tighter budget, nylon is a durable option that still offers a fantastic choice in terms of style.

Choose A Tight Yarn Twist

The tighter the yarns of carpet fibre are twisted, the better the carpet is able to withstand heavy footfall. Commercial carpet tiles with tight yarn twists will remain in good condition for many years to come.

Plus, tighter twist carpets conceal the appearance of dirt more readily than looser twists. This means they look presentable with less frequent vacuuming, which is ideal in areas like lobbies where people will track in dirt on their shoes.

Dark Colours Offer Lower Upkeep

The colour of the commercial carpet tiles you choose will impact their longevity. Darker colours conceal dirt and stains incredibly well, whereas lighter colours are far less forgiving. Highly patterned carpets can also help to mask the appearance of footprints or marks. You'll probably find yourself replacing even heavy-duty carpet tiles frequently in high traffic areas when you opt for a light colour and plain pattern.

Keep in mind that floor colour also impacts the overall style and atmosphere of a room, so weigh this up against longevity. Light colours can help smaller spaces to feel bigger and more open. However, when it comes to choosing the colour of carpet tiles, office use tends to demand that practicality comes before style, particularly in areas with lots of footfall.

If you'd like more information on the different types of commercial carpet tiles we have available, be sure to get in touch to learn about our full range of hard-wearing office carpet solutions.


Image Source: Unsplash