9th March 2023
5 Advantages Of Installing Commercial Vinyl Flooring In Universities

When it comes to flooring for universities, commercial flooring vinyl is the best option for you. There are a lot of benefits that you can gain from choosing this, so read on for just five of the top ways you can gain from opting for commercial vinyl flooring.


1. Durability

One of the biggest things you can gain from when it comes to vinyl is durability. Vinyl tile is a great option since it is not only long lasting, but also versatile. As well as this, you can benefit from being able to replace individual tiles if any damage occurs which makes repairs easier and cheaper.

2. Stylish

The flooring in a university should also be stylish. When you choose vinyl flooring you get both the practicality of it as well as the great visuals. You can choose from any designs, shapes, colours, sizes and styles. The customisable element means that vinyl tiling can be adapted to your needs and preferences to work perfectly for any building.

3. Effective Cleaning And Low Maintenance Flooring

For a large building, it is important to be able to clean and maintain the flooring easily. Vinyl is great for this and will be able to withstand the high footfall of the building. It is also useful in its resistance to liquids meaning spillages and wet weather can be easily protected from and cleaned up after. Even during the winter, with snow and mud tracked in, vinyl flooring is still easy to maintain.

4. Noise Control

A university can be a very loud space. With lots of people moving around at any given time, noise control is an important factor in your flooring. The best solution is acoustic flooring. Commercial vinyl flooring can help to absorb the sounds inside the building in the same way that natural stone or wood would, but without such a hefty price tag.

5. Cost

One of the main advantages is that this flooring is not very expensive, meaning you can get all of these benefits at a very affordable price. No matter what your budget, you can find a vinyl option that suits you.

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Image Source: Canva