10th November 2022
How To Keep Your LVT Contract Flooring Well Maintained

LVT flooring makes any space look luxurious and welcoming, and it will maintain those looks for quite some time with proper care and maintenance. As such, you need to know how to clean, seal, and preserve your LVT flooring while preventing slips and falls. Let us look at your options.

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LVT Flooring In Commercial Spaces

With the high foot traffic in commercial premises, it’s essential to ensure that your LVT flooring is well-maintained. Luxury vinyl tiles have a protective polyurethane upper layer. However, the layer doesn’t make the tiles indestructible but only prolongs their usable life. Therefore, you need to protect the tiles if you wish to retain their beauty and function. The best approach is to consider substances applied to the tiles, something to cover them, and what impact environmental factors like the sun have on them.

How To Maintain Your LVT Flooring: Best Practices

Keep The LVT Flooring Clean

The heavy foot traffic on these tiles can easily damage them, especially if there is dirt and debris all over the surface. People’s shoes will force those objects to scratch and tear into the tiles. Therefore, regularly sweep the LVT floors to minimise such physical damage.

Protect The Surface When Moving Heavy Items

It is important to avoid dragging heavy items and machinery on the floor. For example, pushing a heavy table on the surface is the quickest way to damage the tiles permanently. Therefore, place plywood sheeting paths on the tiles before moving heavy appliances or furniture.

Protect The Common Contact Areas

A typical location is at the door. You can mitigate damage to the LVT flooring by using door mats to keep dirt and weather-related debris from landing on the tiles. Entrance mats are a useful way of absorbing them and preventing scratching.

Prevent Damage From Spillages

Water puddles on LVT flooring damage the tiles by loosening their adhesive layers. Therefore, you need to quickly wipe the tiles dry each time. Other liquids, such as chemicals, food, and even rainfall, could corrode the surface. Use clean water and non-abrasive mops to dry the surface.

Use Gentle Cleaning Products

Speaking of non-abrasive mops, use gentle cleaning products and detergents. Abrasive cleaning tools and concentrated cleaning solutions will do more harm than good on your tiles. A neutral floor cleaner is ideal. Similarly, avoid wax products or using too much water.


LVT flooring is attractive and can last for a long time requiring minimal maintenance, as long as you’re careful how you clean and protect it from damage. You’ll find all you need from First Point Flooring to achieve this objective. We provide the best LVT options and solutions to match your specific needs. Get in touch today to see what we have in store for you.

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