28th June 2023
3 Benefits Of Commercial Karndean Vinyl Flooring

As a property maintenance officer, you have to entrust that everyone who passes through your building is careful and considerate of their surroundings, but accidents happen all the time and general wear and tear can really take its toll.

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That is why you need to invest in a good quality flooring solution that will really stand the test of time. So what should you choose for your property? We’d recommend commercial Karndean vinyl flooring. Here’s why…

Easy Maintenance

Vinyl is smooth and very tough to stain or damage. Footprints, spills and stains will glide right off with a quick wipe, scuff marks are unlikely, and hard items such as mugs or glasses will not chip or dent the flooring if dropped. That’s why this type of flooring is ideal for a commercial setting, with potentially thousands of people passing through every day – your flooring won’t give you away! With high quality vinyl, your flooring will stay looking superb with minimal effort.


Vinyl is far easier to keep clean than wooden tiles and especially carpet. Wooden tiles risk bacteria and dust nesting in the cracks, which are very difficult to clean, and carpets harbour all types of dust, pollen and potential allergens which can make life very miserable for anyone who has to spend time in the building. Vinyl can be an allergen-free zone – because it can be completely cleaned with a mop, vinyl flooring is also far more time-saving than other flooring options.


Vinyl is not like carpet, which needs replacing in its entirety in the event of a serious stain or damage. Vinyl can be replaced in parts, which makes for much cheaper and more affordable repairs and replacements. Of course, it’s unlikely you’ll ever need a repair or replacement of vinyl flooring! Just know that if you do, it will be a lot simpler than if it weren’t vinyl.

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