27th July 2023
Why Non-slip Vinyl Flooring Is A Must For Your Building’s Bathroom Facilities

It is not only the surfaces of a bath or shower that must be covered in anti-slip materials – any walkable area that may come into contact with water should be anti-slip.

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Water can easily splash from a tap that has been turned on too high, or even a half-finished clean can leave too high a residue of water. This is where the risk of slipping comes in.

The surfaces you encounter in a bathroom may be harder than others – edges of sinks, shower doors, the list goes on. If someone slips in a bathroom, the chances of breaking an elbow, twisting an ankle, or hitting their head is high, and colliding with a hard surface like that of a sink would be a disaster. For those with disabilities or limited motion, the chance of injury could be heightened even further. Many injuries of this sort could be fatal.

For this reason, it is in your best interest to minimise the risk of slipping in the first place, by opting for a type of flooring that is anti-slip. Although not a 100% guarantee against slipping, vinyl is the best you can get for a flooring with anti-slip qualities.

Water Resistant

Vinyl does not generally become slippery – because it is waterproof, water simply pools on the surface. The danger with water on flooring is when it is in a thin layer that is hard to see that then creates a slide effect. Many of us can attest that a slip is not quite the same as a regular trip and fall – a slip can send you to the other side of the room and the resulting fall always seems to be twice as hard. Water resistant vinyl is the best way to minimise the risk of slipping in a bathroom.

Low Maintenance

Vinyl does not harbour dust and grime, so it is very quick to clean. This adds up to a lot of saved time over the years. Additionally, vinyl is resistant to scuffs and wear and tear which means it should last you for decades, thereby saving you a substantial amount of money on replacement flooring.

Finish Options

Finally, vinyl is versatile in appearance and is customisable for the colours and finish that would best suit the room. Whether you are opting for a neutral grey or white, or a more striking stone-effect, vinyl finishes are varied so you can unleash your creativity finding the perfect one for your bathroom.

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