24th May 2023
The Different Types Of Karndean Flooring: Which One Works Best For You?

When you are choosing a new floor, you have a few types to choose from. All of them are similar but you may have a preference depending on your existing flooring, your future plans for the room or building, or how much time you have to get the job complete.

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All Karndean Flooring Types Offer The Following Great Advantages:

  • Flooring that is water-resistant is far safer in areas that may come into contact with water, whether that be rain carried in and dripped off coats and bags, water splashed from taps, or dropped drinks. Waterproofed flooring is especially ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

  • Lifetime guarantee. High-quality flooring is remarkably resistant to general wear-and-tear. This means that an area with high footfall will stay unmarked – no scratches or scuffs on your new floor. Dropped items will not indent or chip the flooring, nor will the colour fade over time. Karndean flooring truly is an investment that pays dividends.

  • Comfortable underfoot. Visitors who pass through or employees or residents who may spend a lot of time on their feet will find that Karndean flooring is easy to stand on thanks to its superior underlay that provides both cushioning and soundproofing, which reduces footstep sounds and echoes in a room. Our flooring is also compatible with underfloor heating.

  • Karndean flooring is resistant to dirt and bacteria which makes it far easier to thoroughly clean. This may reduce the chance of bacteria growing and spreading, and also allows allergens such as dust and pollen to be completely cleaned away, potentially cutting down on hayfever and other allergy symptoms.

There Are Three Main Types Of Karndean Flooring:

  1. Gluedown

  2. Loose-lay

  3. Rigid core


This type of flooring is glued onto an existing sub-floor. Gluedown is offered in a variety of colours and finishes and even mimics natural flooring materials such as wood or stone. Choose gluedown when:

  • You want to combine different patterns and decorative borders.

  • You want a mix of stone and wood designs.

  • Your existing subfloor is completely flat and ready to be built over.


Loose-lay uses a K-wave friction grip to secure it in place, instead of adhesive. This makes it fast and easy to install, and later to remove if you want to change the style of your flooring regularly. Choose loose-lay when:

  • You need a flooring with great soundproofing qualities.

  • You do not have a totally flat subfloor.

  • You are short on time and need fast installation.

Rigid core

Rigid core is a durable flooring that can look like wood or stone, but has all the benefits of tough vinyl. It does not need to be glued down, instead utilising K-Core® technology to click-and-lock it into place. Opt for rigid core flooring when:

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So, there you have it – the three types of Karndean flooring that can be installed. Which one do you prefer? Get in touch and let us know what you think would best suit you. Click here to make an enquiry.

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