20th October 2021
Why Gerflor Vinyl Is An Ideal Flooring Solution For Hospitals

Given the rigours and stresses faced by hospitals every single day, it's important that their flooring is up to scratch. This must contend with foot traffic at all hours of the day, accompanied by medical equipment and potential spillages, all while being comfortable for the staff and patients who work and reside there.


Vinyl meets these requirements, which is why the distinctive ‘feel’ of hospital floors can be attributed to this material. Gerflor vinyl, in particular, is devoted to enhancing healthcare in any way that it can, making it a brilliant choice for hospital floors. Here are just a few reasons why.

1. Vinyl Performs Under Pressure

Vinyl flooring is always engineered with ergonomics in mind – this means it takes into account the anatomy of the human body. In this case, the flooring is designed to help patients and staff walk upon its surface for long periods. This is especially helpful for hospital staff – from doctors to cleaners, they all work tirelessly to make sure that the people in their care stay safe. Gerflor flooring reduces the joint pain that can emerge from busy shifts.

2. Vinyl Is Antimicrobial

All hospital flooring should be both bacteriostatic and fungistatic – this means neither bacteria nor fungus can survive on the surface. This is especially important as hospitals do not tend to be significantly ventilated, which means microorganisms would thrive if given a chance. This is not ideal for any setting, especially not a hospital.

Vinyl is treated with chemicals that specifically resist microorganisms of all kinds. Gerflor commercial flooring takes this a step further by exceeding the pre-existing standards for antibacterial flooring. Their patented solutions render the floors completely 100% microbe-free in even the most sensitive rooms such as operating theatres.

3. Vinyl Is Clean and Resists Stains

On top of this, the same processes allow Gerflor vinyl flooring to be entirely resistant to stains. This is great in a setting that intends to promote cleanliness and hygiene at every turn, and it stops people from being at risk of a fall should there be a spillage of any kind. On this note, in the event of a spillage, vinyl can provide exactly the right friction to prevent slips.

Vinyl flooring is the only choice for hospitals, and Gerflor has gone above and beyond to provide this at the highest possible standard. At First Point Flooring, we can provide and install Gerflor vinyl flooring for hospitals to ensure a strong commitment to safety and health across the facility. For more information about Gerflor installation and to request a quote,
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Image Source: Unsplash