6th June 2023
Why Our Commercial Carpet Tiles Are Perfect For Schools

Schools often have a mixture of both carpet and tiles throughout corridors and classrooms. Each have their own advantages and disadvantages depending on if teachers and students will be walking through, standing, or sitting at desks. But what about carpet tiles?

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They may be the perfect mixture of both carpet and tile. Read on to find out more.

How Can Commercial Carpet Tiles For Schools Make A Difference?

School carpet is likely to get stained and worn out quickly because of heavy footfall, paints and other staining materials in classrooms, and mud trekked in from outside. It is very difficult to clean - vacuuming can only remove so much dust and dirt, the rest of which will stay impacted in the fibres and even a professional clean can only do so much. Eventually, a carpet will need to be replaced in its entirety.

Tiles are great for keeping clean but are not as safe of an option - for teachers they are hard to stand on all day, and for children they can be dangerous in the event of a fall.

Carpet tiles are a blend of both carpet and tile.

  • Carpet tiles are bespoke and versatile. Small sections of carpet are cut out and fitted together like tiles. This provides the benefits of carpet but with the convenience of tiles, and they can be individually removed and properly cleaned or replaced. They can be mix-and-matched with other colours of carpet tiles in the pattern of your choice, and can be moved around like pieces of a jigsaw to keep the flooring ever-changing.

  • Carpet tiles are highly durable and they are largely stain-resistant. They are not likely to indent under chair or table leg pressure, nor should they fade or flatten because of continuous footfall. Most carpet tiles come with a 10-year guarantee.

  • Carpet tiles are great for their acoustic properties. They offer excellent soundproofing, muffling chair squeaks and footsteps and can help to reduce echo inside the classroom. Carpet tiles are an excellent choice for school libraries too.

  • Carpet tiles are slip-resistant which is perfect for classrooms and corridors where children may run around and risk falling.

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Carpet tiles for schools are a growing option for flooring. They have unlimited design capabilities and are a very convenient solution, not to mention they are cost-effective and come with a great return on investment. To request a site visit or a quote, simply click here and fill out the form. A member of our team will talk you through your carpet choices.

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