21st October 2022
Vinyl Vs Carpet: Factors To Think About When Choosing A Contract Flooring Solution

Choosing the right contract flooring is a much more important decision than most people think.

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Commercial interior decor instantly gives customers an impression about the company, and you don’t want this to be a bad impression!

Luckily, flooring is an easy feature to start with and both vinyl and carpet are great options.

Contract Vinyl Flooring Features:


Vinyl flooring is waterproof, so it will withstand any accidental spillages in the workplace. It is easy to mop up liquid on vinyl and the flooring shouldn’t show any signs of damage.


To further build on that, vinyl flooring is also extremely durable. It is perfect for commercial buildings because it has good impact resistance, has a layer that protects against scratching and can last upwards of ten years.

Easy To Maintain

Vinyl flooring is easy to maintain because it is easy to spot dirt, dust or marks and clean them up. Vinyl is also easy to repair, so it won’t cause any long-lasting hassle for you.

Safe To Walk On

Despite its shiny appearance, vinyl flooring actually has great anti-slip properties, so there shouldn’t be any accidents when people are walking on it throughout the day.


Vinyl flooring has the advantage of looking high-end without being too expensive to buy and install. As it is a reliable flooring type, you’ll absolutely get your money’s worth.

Contract Commercial Carpet features:


Whereas you might associate some types of flooring with specific industries, carpets are multi-purpose. They look great in a variety of commercial establishments, including shops, offices, educational institutions and hospitality venues.


Carpets are a practical choice because they can endure people walking all over them. Commercial carpets are typically thinner than residential ones, which makes them even more resistant to matting.

Bright And Colourful

Carpets are one of the most varied forms of flooring because they come in all different colours, patterns and styles. You can make a statement with a bold carpet or choose new colours to really transform a commercial building and give it new life.

Easy To Keep Clean

Carpets are easy to vacuum and scrub, so you should have no problems keeping them looking bright and soft. With constant foot traffic moving in and out of commercial spaces, stains and scuffs are bound to happen but carpets are easy to clean up at the end of every day.

First Point Flooring: Commercial Flooring Specialists

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With contract vinyl flooring and carpets ready to be supplied and installed, First Point Flooring are here to ensure that you make the best flooring choice for long-term value for money.

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Image Source: Pexels